Top 12 Lesser Known Atom Editor Shortcuts

Make your atom fly with key bindings you probably didn't even know existed. These work on my favourite OS, Linux, as well as Windows. Sorry Mac users, you'll have to work out the equivalent keys on your own.

Lesser known Atom shortcuts

NOTE: Square brackets indicate third party packages.

  1. Move line up/down: ctrl + arrow up / arrow down
  2. Duplicate line: ctrl + shift + d
  3. Delete line: ctrl + shift + k
  4. Go to matching bracket: ctrl + m
  5. Complete bracket: ctrl + alt + .
  6. Select code inside bracket: ctrl + alt + m
  7. Switch project project-manager: alt + shift + p
  8. Go to line: ctrl + g
  9. Pretty print code atom-beautify: ctrl + alt + b
  10. Show project TODOs/notes todo-show: alt + shift + t
  11. Open preferences: ctrl + ,
  12. Debug key bindings: ctrl + .


Combine this with the atom-vim package for Vim style key bindings and you've got yourself one hell of a code editor!