Blog Source Code Now Available On Github

The more I participate in the open source community the more I learn. To also help others learn from how I built this blog, I've decided to open source everything. You can find the entire source code for this website at Everything is there including markdown content, theme, build scripts, and instructions.

For now, I plan to keep the site minimalist. The theme is as simple as I could make it. I keep things fast and easy by reducing the amount of external services I rely on to an absolute minimum.


  • No bullshit, super simple design.
  • No JavaScript (other than Google Analytics).
  • No images outside of blog posts.
  • No commenting system.
  • Simple web fonts served locally.
  • The whole site is static; everything generated using Hugo.
  • Uses Node.js and Gulp for build automation.

Interesting points

  • Bootstrap 4 CSS framework. Not sure if I'll keep this but it sure makes it easy to get started.
  • UnCSS removes unused CSS rules. Even though I'm using Bootstrap the final CSS file is only 3 KB (gzip'd).
  • Great performance. Pages less than 50 KB, caching, and use of CloudFlare CDN results in fast page load times.

Feel free to use my Hugo theme as the base for your own site. Let me know if you use the code, I'd love to see what you do with it!

Get the source at