100 Days

Meditation on the beach

When was the last time you had a good hard look at yourself and truly thought "Yep, I'm happy."? For me, well… its been a while, a real long while. Let's fix that.

To get my body and mind to a point I'm truly happy with, I'll spend 100 days cleaning out my old habits and replacing them with habits that help. This is my 100 day challenge. 100 days may sound like a long time, but in the grand scheme of things, it's totally a worthwhile investment.

100 days of…

Note to self: Do all this in the morning before leaving for work. Every day for 100 days NO MATTER WHAT. Don't worry about how long you do each thing; focus on being consistent.

1. Meditation

Meditate in the morning, right after waking up. Stick to mindfulness meditation and metta (loving kindness) meditation. Sit on a hard pillow on the floor in a quarter lotus position (one calf on top of the other) because it keeps the spine straight.

2. Exercise

Bodyweight HIT (high intensity training) exercises at home every second day. Every other day do a movement or play activity (e.g. go for a walk, play a sport, do yoga). Don't overdo it, be mindful of recovery too.

I need to strengthen my back in particular but general body image is important too. Exercise to tone the body and eat healthy to lose weight.

3. Cooking

No eating out or buying pre-made meals, instead, cook for every meal. Eat a paleo based ketogenic diet to lose weight in a healthy way. Eat low carb, high fat, and adequate protein. Avoid carbs, gluten, additives, preservatives, and anything processed.

No escape

To top it all off, at all times avoid escape activities. Avoid YouTube, TV shows, porn, podcasts, news, blogs, needless shopping, and anything else I do to distract myself. Instead, work towards my goals.

Let's begin

Is it possible to undo a life's worth of bad habits in only 100 days? We'll see because my 100 day challenge begins soon. New posts coming soon including body before photos and a more in-depth look into each part of the challenge.

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